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How to use WottleDo

WottleDo Events and WottleDo Businesses are standalone websites under the WottleDo umbrella.

This is how they work.

WottleDo Events

Build up your network

Registered networkers can manage their networking activity by:

Any user can search for events, by geography or date or type of event (and from an event page can navigate through details of the group and other group events)

Viewers of event pages can see details of any registered networker who has ticked as planning to attend, and can link to their profiles. These will include:

Registered networkers can create links to their profile pages from their websites, email signatures, social media sites, or their ‘key personnel’ entry in their business’ ‘Wottler’ business profile on the WottleDo Business site

WottleDo Businesses

Power up your network – Focus; Inform and motivate; Incentivise and reward; Support and be supported

Businesses wanting a profile on the site (‘Wottlers’) can register and enter their details including:

Any user can search the Wottler directory. Searches can be tailored (according to whether the searcher is a Wottler, a Member or a visitor) by reference to: